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There are times when I feel kids on the spectrum get a bad rap.  You hear all about their perceived deficits and often they don’t get the credit or thank you’s they deserve.   In an effort to change this; I have started a list of all my thank you’s owed to ASD individuals with which I’ve interacted.  It’s not enough but at least it’s something and who knows maybe it will catch on!

Thank you for showing me the beauty in little things.

Thank you for showing me how ridiculous I look standing with my arms on my hips.

Thank you for giving me purpose in life.

Thank you for teaching my family about friendship.

Thank you for trying something new.

Thank you for making me smile in the grocery store when I thought of your silly dance.

Thank you saying what EVERYONE was thinking!

Thank you showing kindness when I did not understand what you wanted.

Thank you for your courage.  I hope you know how brave you are!  

Thank you for suggesting that it’s possible Cookie Monster, Coraline and Spiderman could all go to the movies and eat M&M’s together, even though they are on different shows.

Thank you for only throwing my cell phone ear piece….I know you wanted to throw my cell phone but held back and the ear piece is more durable when thrown 🙂

Thank you for never allowing me to pity myself.

Thank you for teaching me patience.

Thank you for teaching me social skills 🙂

Thank you for your  forgiveness and compassion.

Thank you for making me smile through my husbands illness.

Thank you for my daycare celebrity status.

Thank you for the 15 Valentines every February 14.

Thank you telling me I had bad breath.

Thank you for saying “I don’t know” when I thought you knew something you didn’t.

Thank you for being my favorite thing that happened today.

Thank you for picking a bee when asked who should be on Old MacDonalds Farm.

Thank you for all the random “I love you’s and cheek kisses”….I mean seriously no one working in a cubicle gets that!

Thank you for finally drawing a tree instead of writing the alphabet. I know that was hard, and you’ll never know how much it meant to me.

Thank you for answering the door in full Pirate attire in spring.

Thank you for answering the door dressed as Spiderman in the summer.

Thank you for thinking I was an Actual Real Life Brats Doll.

Thank you for making me better than I ever would have been if I had never met you.