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Published on July 26, 2014, by in Materials.

Here’s a great game for just about any skill you want to practice.  I use this ESPN desk basketball game to practice turn taking, articulation, expressive and receptive language skills….you name it.  My rule for the game is that you attempt to respond or perform the learning task on which we are working.  Once you give it a try you get to shoot a basket.

My patients love this game.  It’s great because when kids on the spectrum play sports they often feel uncoordinated.  This game only requires you being able to push something down and release.  It let’s kids feel like they are a part of the sport and can participate, but they don’t have to worry about coordinating so many different muscle groups and remember a lot of rules.  It’s also very easy to practice turn taking.  You will need to supervise this play.  The game is metal and if thrown; it could hurt someone.  So make sure you’re in the room while practice is going on.  All in all this game is a real winner when it comes to skills practice.