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If you have a child who likes to perseverate on topics here’s a tip.  Try using talking tickets.  Talking tickets are a way for your kid to keep track of how many times they’ve mentioned their favorite topic.  They can either keep them in their pocket or you can help keep up with them.  It’s your choice.

Be sure to consider developmental level when using talking tickets.  Some kids may not be old enough to keep up with them.  If that’s the case, you may need to take the lead and keep them in a purse or wallet.  You can then let your kiddo make a check mark or tear the ticket when they mention their topic of preference.  Older kids can use talking tickets like this; When your child brings up their preferred subject they move the tickets from one pocket to the other pocket.  When all the tickets have been moved or all their tickets are gone; They have to find something else about which to talk.  For some kids having a visual and tactile reminder helps.  Feel free to give it a try and let me know how it goes.

There is one caveat to talking tickets.  Topics of perseveration are great ways to expand interest.  If you use talking tickets for interactions with friends, be sure to give your child plenty of time to talk about preferred interests at home and try to think of things or ideas that may expand their interests based on these topics.  An example would be telling your child who loves star wars that their are real space ships at NASA.  Those space ships sometimes visit real planets.  Do you know about our solar system?….etc.

You can download the link below and write or insert the picture of the your child’s favorite topic is the space.