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One of the questions I’m asked most by parents is “What is echolalia?”.  Echolalia is a complex topic in Autism and it’s hard to know what information is reliable unless you’ve been to graduate school for communication disorders:)

I decided to pretend I was a parent and googled “echolalia autism”.  The results were incredibly varied but I was able to find some information I feel could be helpful.  This great echolalia information  by Beverly Vicker, CCC-SLP from The University of Indiana summarizes an article by Dr. Barry Prizant and Judith Duchan entitled The Functions of Immediate Echolalia in Autistic Children (pp. 241-249) which appeared in the 1981 issue of the Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders. 

Dr. Barry Prizant is a legend in the Autism world and definitely worth a read.  If you are wondering about echolalia be sure to check out this handy echolalia information sheet.