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CourtneyWillis_SpeechPathDallasCourtney Willis is a Speech and Language Pathologist practicing in Dallas, TX.  She holds a B.S. in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and M.S. in Communication Disorders from The University of Texas at Dallas.   Her primary area of interest is Autism Spectrum Disorders.  She has spoken internationally on the topic of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  She was invited to speak at the 3rd Annual GT Bank Autism Seminar in Lagos, Nigeria, where she gave a talk to parents and professionals on the topic of incorporating speech play in the treatment of ASD.

Courtney has always been fascinated by the brain and language.  She first learned of ASD as a young child.  A close family friend, who happened to be an SLP, learned they had a child with Autism.  Observing and interacting with children on the Autism Spectrum had a major impact on Courtney.  In college, she knew she wanted to choose a career that helped people.  The idea of being able to learn about the brain and help someone else learn language was so appealing that Courtney elected to pursue a career as a Speech Language Pathologist treating Autism Spectrum Disorders along with various other developmental delays and communication disorders. Courtney is the Owner and Director of Speech Wings Therapy.  Speech Wings’ Clinic is located inside of the Sense-Able Gym at 3130 N. Shiloh Rd. Garland, TX 75044.

Contact me at courtney@upgradeautism.com

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